Become a producer

Become a producer

With BAUGRUP technology

We, at BAUGRUP, know that in order to act globaly we have to be present locally. By offering our technology and know-how under strategic cooperation action plans, we grant the end customers globally with high quality products at lowest possible price and provide technologies to our partners that make this happen.

We offer your business higher values of Return on Sales and with fastest Return on Investment and Return on Capital Employed.

In order to support the producers we can also grant License Agreements that gives the possibility to produce products under BAUGRUP's brands.

When we say "Business development", we mean the creation of long-term value for our business partners from customers, products, markets and sustainable relationships. 

We provide production technology, raw materials and know-how all over the world, for both EPS/ Styrofoam thermal insulation and decoration industry and for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete industry, in order to create opportunities that value to persist over the long-term.

Contact us to see how you can become a producer yourself of these unique high quality materials and get the most value from it.